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Lake Eyasi - Tanzania
(Popular for Hadzabe Hunter-gatherers around)

Destination Details

Lake Eyasi is a salt lake situated at about 1.000m between the Eyasi escarpment in the north and the Kidero mountains in the south. He is sometimes referred to as the forgotten lake. It is larger than the Natron and Manyara Lake and is situated on the remote southern border of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Two ancient tribes inhabit this area; the Hadzabe(Tindiga) and the Iraqw (Mbulu). The Hadzabe are hunter-gatherers and still live in nomadic groups. They hunt with bows and arrows and gather tubers, roots and fruits. Their language resembles the click language associated with the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert. The Iraqw's are a people of Cushitic origin who arrived about 2.000 years ago, as well as Masaai and various Bantu groups.

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